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Large Capacity High-Speed HMC

The FEMCO BMC-100HT is a hybrid design combining the open structure of a large horizontal boring mill with the high-speed machining capability of a horizontal machining center. Whether it is intricacies of a large, heavy steel mold or the intricate details of an aluminum aircraft component, the FEMCO BMC-100HT full 4th B-axis table with 40,000 lbs. table load capability allows cutting tools to approach the part at any conceivable angle.

Features include a traveling Z-axis column and 8,000 RPM spindle, and the large machining envelope represented by XYZ travels of 118" x 80" x 59" allows for the machining of large complex parts as well as the sweeping contours of large molds.

The FEMCO BMC-100HT comes equipped with FANUC AI Contour Control II. AI Contour Control is a high-speed machining look-ahead function, allowing for faster machining cycle times and better finishes. AI Contour Control looks ahead in the part program to eliminate the acceleration/deceleration and servo delays that limit feedrates when cutting short line segments or contours, and eliminates machining trajectory error in corners and small radii.

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