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Coolant-Fed Tools Increase Productivity

With increased pressure to produce products faster, more accurately and with improved quality, the need for machining parts faster is driving the cutting tool industry to develop toolholders and workholding systems that enable manufacturers to introduce coolants to the cutting area in a more precise way.

However, it is not only about having tools with coolant-through capabilities. A key component to this technology is also how and where the coolant is being introduced as it relates to the carbide insert. The fact that materials are ever changing, and that the demand for machining parts from aerospace type materials is increasing, make the need for this technology even more crucial.

While Iscar has incorporated coolant-through technology throughout its entire portfolio of tools, Iscar has made sure this technology was a key component in two products included in the new LOGIQ product offering.

Multi-F-Grip High Feed Grip Tools enable the parting off of a wide range of materials and diameters utilizing replaceable multi-pocketed blades. Iscar offers three different size systems that can reach a range up to 4.724". Insert widths range from 2 mm to 5 mm. "The key component to this new system is not only the innovative replaceable Quad/Square blades, but also the unique TGTBQ block that utilizes the machine tool turret as the base, making it an integral part of the tool system," said a company spokesperson. "The block is reinforced and robust, which provides enhanced stability." All the tools are coolant-through and capable of handling up to 2,000 PSI. The coolant porting holes are located to introduce coolant directly to the cutting edge. This is critical when parting off larger diameters in difficult to machine materials. Depending on the width of the insert, utilizing the new HF chip former makes it possible to part off up to 0.018" IPR. This system takes both the DoGrip and TangGrip parting lines from Iscar. Results include better quality parts done faster with easy insert renewal for increased machine up time.

Completing this innovative technology idea, Iscar has developed a complete machine specific toolholding system for parting off in multi-spindle automatics and CNC machines. The ModularGRIP Adaptation System consists of a machine specific base plate that mounts to the machine turret. An intermediate block is then mounted to the base. These adapters will vary in length depending on reach needs and come in right- or left-hand versions, and also contain the universal pocket to mount a wide range of Iscar's parting and grooving technology options. This system is tailor made for any CNC machine with a pickoff or secondary spindle, making it possible to get coolant directly onto the insert without the need for hoses and clamps. The increased rigidity and coolant flow make it possible to increase tool life, enhance part quality and increase productivity with increased speeds and feeds.

Authored by Steve Vanderink, National Product Specialist/Grip Products, Iscar Metals, Inc.

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