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Powerful but Easy to Learn and Use Controls

The ProtoTRAK CNC control from Southwestern Industries/TRAK Machine Tools (TMT) is designed to allow lower skill level machinists to do higher level work and skilled machinists to get more done.

The ProtoTRAK's conversational based language programming eliminates the need for operators to learn G-code, although selected models can run and edit G-code, translate G-code files into conversational based language files and translate conversational based language files into G-code files.

Two ProtoTRAK model families are available. The lower end family consists of the ELX and EMX models designed for the type of simple small lot turning and milling work typically found in fabrication shops. Besides providing basic CNC turning and milling functions, they feature canned cycles for bolt hole patterns, threading and facing/turning.

The higher end ProtoTRAK control family consists of the SLX and SMX models designed for more complex small lot work. In addition to providing basic CNC functions, they feature canned cycles for bolt hole patterns, threading, facing/turning, circular pockets, rectangular pockets, circular profiles and rectangular profiles. Options include canned cycles for irregular profiles, irregular pockets, circular islands, rectangular islands, irregular islands and face milling.

The most recent additions to the ProtoTRAK product line include Verify machining simulation software and Parasolid Converter software. The former allows users to run a simulation of a completed conversational based language or G-code program while the latter is designed to provide a fast and easy way to generate conversational based language programs from 3-D CAD files. Parasolid Converter also provides a complement to TMT's DXF Converter software that facilitates the generation of conversational based language programs from 2-D CAD files.

ProtoTRAK controls are installed on all TMT TRAK lathes and mills, and can be retrofitted to selected make and model knee mills. Newer model TRAK machines (the LPM machining center and TRAK 2OP portable VMC) have ProtoTRAK controls built directly into the machines.

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