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Smart, Connected IIoT Manufacturing Technologies

FANUC demonstrated its smart, connected IIoT manufacturing technologies at IMTS 2018.

FANUC CORPORATION demonstrated its evolving smart, connected Industrial IoT manufacturing technologies at IMTS 2018. These included the FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive (FIELD) system and Zero Down Time on ROBOT-LINKi (ZDT).

The FIELD system offers customers an open platform that collects machine data and monitors the operating status of their manufacturing equipment in real time. Third-party application developers can create and sell FIELD applications that improve the efficiency of equipment, production throughput, process quality and more using an industrial API interface to access the data and perform analytics.

ZDT on ROBOT-LINKi offers either a cloud-based or on-prem solution available to manufacturers who purchase FANUC robots. ZDT offers predictive analytics that can prevent unexpected downtime by identifying component failures in advance, and recommend proper intervals for routine equipment maintenance activities. This allows plant managers to schedule regular production downtime for maintenance and mechanical hardware replacement rather than lose valuable time and money performing unscheduled repairs or maintenance. Plant managers can monitor the manufacturing process using a web portal and have a clear picture of device health, equipment utilization and energy consumption. ZDT data can also help customers reduce overall life cycle costs. Today, nearly 18,000 robots in industry are operating with ZDT's cloud-based solution.

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