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November 2018

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Digital Connected Paint Atomizer
Grinding Deburring and Polishing Robotic Cell
Protective Black Finish for Small Quantities of Metal Parts
Clamp Bore Grinders Series
Surface Grinders Series Offers In-Machine Dynamic Balancing
Right Angle Grinders
Laser Ablation Systems Capability
Flap Discs for All Metals
Aqueous Parts Cleaning System
Stainless Steel Air Jets Resist Corrosion and Heat
Rust Inhibitor Passes All Tests at the Welder Training and Testing Institute
CNC Grinding Solutions
Disc Brushes Enable Automated Finishing in CNC Machines or Robot Cells
Advanced Technology for Precision Cleaning Applications
Flexible Microfinisher Saves Cycle Time Improves Part Quality
Electrovert Inline Cleaning Solution
Abrasive Chop Saw
Large Gear Grinding Machine
Air Blow-Off and Parts Drying Systems
Component Cleaning System
18V Large Angle Grinder
CNC Centerless Grinding Machines
Pneumatic Die Grinder Enables Ergonomic High-Efficiency Grinding
Ultrasonic Agitation Flow Cleaner for 3-D Market
Stringer Bead Wire Brushes
Economical 6 x 12 Bench Surface Grinder
Universal CNC I.D.O.D. Grinder
Thin Cut-Off Wheels Offer Cleaner Cuts on a Wide Range of Materials
Ceramic Grinding Technology
FC-350EX and FC-350W Wheel Truing and Dressing Machines
Engineering Advancements in Industrial Cleaning Applications
Getting a Handle on Extraneous Rust
Universal I.D. and O.D. Grinders
Carbide Insert Grinding Solution
Wet Blast System Boosts Productivity
Heavy-Duty Ironman Grinders
Expanded Resin Fiber Disc Optimizes Grinding Time and Cut Rates
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Air Blow-Off and Parts Drying Systems

Maxumizer air blower systems are designed to provide higher output with less energy.

The Bearing Bridge drive system replaces a typical belt-driven approach to reduce heat and extend service life.

"Maxumizer air blower systems feature durable, long lasting, science-based designs that use less energy than conventional systems and are optimized for powerful blow-off and parts drying," said a Maxum spokesperson. "This permits them to provide higher output with less energy in the best performance range for surface blow-off and drying applications. In most cases this design will use 30-50% less horsepower while running at much slower speeds."

The Maxum Bearing Bridge drive system permits industrial parts drying and air blow-off systems to use less energy and effectively run on less horsepower at slower speeds, all the while lasting longer. This science-based drive system, which replaces the typical belt-driven system, employs two separate bearing cases located on either side of the drive pulley. The design provides a properly distributed bearing load and reduces heat while improving service life. "The Maxum developed Bearing Bridge provides 10 to 15 times the L10 bearing life of older cantilever drives that rapidly fail from the uneven overhung belt load," said a company spokesperson.

Maxum has also developed blower enclosures that reduce the operating sound level below 75dB at 3' distance. These corrosion resistant polymer enclosures have a small footprint, standard gages to monitor performance, oversize filters with pre-filters and an integrated skid mount.

"Another example of Maxum's science-based approach is its new converging and laminar flow technology. With traditional blow-off devices, the focused air starts to expand as soon as it leaves the nozzle. With Maxum's converging and laminar flow technology, the air reaches the part in a stronger, faster, more concentrated form, improving efficiency while saving energy," said the spokesperson. All Maxumizer air knives, air nozzles and the patented nozzle bar system employ this converging and laminar flow technology.

For more information contact:

Maxum LLC

P.O. Box 70025

Rochester Hills, MI 48307


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