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Magnetic Retrieving Batons for Machining Clean-Up

The magnetic retrieving batons from Master Magnetics, Inc. (The Magnet Source) provide a straightforward way to keep work areas clear for metal workers and manufacturers.

Magnetic retrieving batons remove fine metallic filings, turnings or shavings (also known as swarf) created by cutting tools and machinery from wet or dry environments. The batons are available in four models ranging from 16" to 41" in length and 1/2" to 1" diameters.

Magnetic retrieving batons, with non-corrosive, stainless steel housing are:

  • Suitable for removing swarf and metal turnings from around drill tables and saws
  • Designed to work in wet or dry environments
  • Constructed with neodymium, rare earth magnets, to maximize holding power.

The unique shape allows for easy pickup near walls, corners and many other hard-to-reach places.

Quick Release

Once metal debris is collected, a simple pull of the handle releases even the smallest shavings into a recycle bin or trash can. A movable debris guard helps to shield hands from any sharp debris and keeps swarf from following magnets up the tube when releasing collected debris.

For more information contact:

Master Magnetics, Inc.

1211 Atchison Court

Castle Rock, CO 80109


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