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HELLER New Hire Announcement

(l-r) Peter Stackpoole, Steve Gugan, Marc St-Pierre and Dave Mondek

Heller Machine Tools L.P. has announced the expansion of its sales and marketing team. New members include Peter Stackpoole, Steve Gugan, Marc St-Pierre and Dave Mondek. Vice President of Sales Steve Pegram, who has been with the company since November 2017, has been focused on rebuilding and strengthening the company's sales and marketing capabilities.

"The addition of these new members to the existing team enables HELLER to focus not only on the growth of the present core business, but also further the reach into additional market segments - markets that demand precision, high-quality and the highly accurate machining capabilities that HELLER machine tools has to offer," said a company spokesperson.

Pegram said, "It is our quality that got us here, now it is our technology that is going to drive us into the future. Heller thinks differently - the depth of our engineering solutions and machine design is unparalleled, and our new team is going to demonstrate to our customers how HELLER provides engineered solutions that help to reduce overall manufacturing costs and increase profitability."

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