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High Precision Micro Toolholding

"Having trouble maintaining an acceptable total runout while milling that small part in your Swiss machine? Or, perhaps you are looking for a painless method for quickly swapping out your micro tools? GenSwiss' Ti-Loc series of end mill extensions provide a solution to these two things plus more," said a company spokesperson. This ER-style micro toolholder provides an enhanced total runout of less than 0.0002" at its full extended length and also aids in clearing the guide bushing. Ti-Loc mill extensions can be purchased with lengths ranging from 10 to 25 mm and hold tools with shank sizes ranging from 1 to 8 mm.

GenSwiss' new generation of Ti-Loc mill extensions incorporate coolant-through capability. These new variants are designed to provide the added benefits of optimum edge control and chip evacuation, and can be paired with standard coolant-through collet sleeves as well as coolant-through live tooling. For live tools unequipped with coolant-through capability, a coolant-through nut such as REGO FIX's ReCool nut can be used to deliver high pressure coolant to each of the Ti-Loc's coolant delivery ports surrounding the micro tool.

Ti-Loc mill extensions twist and snap into most standard ER clamping nuts, making hot swapping an arsenal of micro tools easy. Ti-Loc toolholders can also be paired with micro drills, and Ti-Loc arbors exist for running slitting saws on a CNC Swiss-style machine.

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