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Industrial Vending and Inventory Control Solutions

1sourcevend's user-friendly vending and software system can provide inventory control for low- and high-cost disposable and reusable items. 1sourcevend's check-in, check-out locker machines allow for better inventory control of high-value, returnable items such as power tools, radios, safety equipment and more. 1sourcevend's machines are flexible enough to be placed anywhere.

Manufacturing and other facilities that use 1sourcevend's Automated Vending Manager system have reported the following results:

  • Reduced carrying costs and consumption
  • Automated and increased inventory control
  • Achieved regulatory compliance
  • Reduced tax liability.

"Our solution not only reduces inventory carrying costs, but it reduces downtime, ensuring that your team always has what they need to finish the job," said Mark Hill, President of 1sourcevend.

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