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Thinking Differently to Increase Productivity

HELLER's Industry 4.0 approach focuses on providing the customer with higher machine productivity and provides optimal support for engineering chains. This approach enhances transparency of the current machine status, and evaluates the information gained in combination with existing data to allow purposeful diagnostics, yielding better productivity and value for the user.

The core aspects of HELLER's Industry 4.0 approach are supplementary machine functions, on-demand services and enhanced service capabilities. HELLER's three modules, HELLER4Operation, HELLER4Services and HELLER4Performance, illustrate the importance of ease of operation, customized workpiece manufacturing and enhanced evaluation of existing data:

  • HELLER4Operation is designed to be an easy-to-use, operator-oriented user interface for HELLER machines. The use of touch controls at the tool/workpiece loading station enables fast and robust operation.
  • HELLER4Services is comprised of digital services. The HELLER Services Interface focuses on transparency of manufacturing and maintenance processes. This module forms the basis for evaluations and statistics, thus providing support in reducing machine downtimes. Additionally, the visualization of specific information, including status displays of axes, spindles or other assemblies, enables users to determine wear and to take preventive measures in order to avoid unscheduled downtimes.
  • HELLER4Performance comprises the machine analysis for process and performance optimization, time-synchronous extraction of real-time data into the internet as well as evaluation and graphical display, using an external cloud platform.

HELLER has implemented projects incorporating the key elements of Industry 4.0: from workpiece individualization in high-volume production, full data collection regarding workpiece and tools with feedback to the customer's ERP system to comprehensive networking of the machines with a wide range of service options in remote operation. These solutions use the customers' internal private cloud systems or internet-based public cloud systems to fulfil each specific user's needs.

"For HELLER, the aim of all considerations, possibilities and solutions remains the reduction of the customer's cycle times, and thus workpiece costs, by providing high productivity. Today, HELLER is generating added value for its customers through greater ease of use of the machines, optimal integration into the network and expanded functionalities and service possibilities," said a company spokesperson.

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