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X-treme Jet Thread Turning Toolholder

Designed for more effective coolant flow and improved chip control, Carmex's new X-treme Jet External Thread Turning Toolholder provides two connecting options via an elbow fitting and top clamp to more precisely direct the coolant flow to the cutting edge, where it is most effective.

Available in both RH and LH configurations, the X-treme Jet is coated for maximum abrasive resistance. Suitable for high pressure coolant applications, the directed flow reduces cutting edge temperature.

Jim White, National Sales Manager for Carmex USA, commented, "Putting a newer high-quality insert in a traditional toolholder is like installing a custom-built engine in an older car. To achieve maximum insert performance, it is necessary to select the right combination of tool and toolholder. The X-treme Jet is designed to optimize cutting performance, while providing the additional efficiencies of improved coolant effectiveness and longer tool life."

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