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Motorized Hand Truck

Magline, Inc., manufacturer of innovative material handling equipment, has launched a new motorized hand truck. It is designed to be a safe, easy-to-use electric propulsion system that requires no certification and the 36V system easily moves heavy loads up to 1,000 lbs. both indoors and outdoors.

The patented quick-attach feature allows the user to change out attachments in seconds. Attachment options handle various tasks with ease such as transporting stackable items, cylinders and inflatables, assisting with large tent assembly (pole pushing attachment) and can even tow a trailer.

The electric motor provides speeds up to 4.3 MPH, and a "push-too-fast" feature ensures no runaway by slowing the unit, even when the brake is manually released. The batteries provide 2 hours of continuous use, 8+ hours intermittent and charge in 3-6 hours.

The propulsion system features regenerative braking that slows down the load when the operator reduces throttle input, even on ramps or inclines. When the variable-speed throttle is released, it automatically returns to zero and the parking brake automatically engages.

For more information contact:


1205 W. Cedar St.

Standish, MI 48658-9535

800-MAGLINE (624-5463)

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