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Unattended Workpiece Accumulator Eliminates Damage to Newly Machined Parts

Tecnara has introduced Super Ario, a compact and portable automatic parts accumulator for Swiss Machines and small CNC lathes. Super Ario does not require any special interface with the machine and can operate unattended for many hours. For additional protection, the parts tray can be filled with washing fluid to remove oil and prevent damage from abrasion between newly manufactured parts.

"With conventional set-ups, workpieces dropped from the emitter belt are often scratched, dented and scuffed because they fall onto other pieces in the receptacle tray. Still more damage can occur as the parts pile up and abrade one another. Repair of scratches, nicks and scuffs is a costly manual process that adds significantly to costs, detracts from perceived product quality and can delay shipment," said a company spokesperson.

The Super Ario is designed for easy set-up and operation. The device is placed to enable the machine's emitter belt to feed the workpiece onto the collection ramp. The piece slides down the ramp onto the center of the Super Ario receptacle tray. As the turntable rotates clockwise, the work is moved from the center of the tray to the perimeter, providing space for the next piece. This process repeats until the end of the run.

When the tray is filled with rinsing fluid, each workpiece is rinsed and cleaned. This also removes any chips or debris from the receiving area. When workpieces fill the receptacle tray, it is manually replaced with another tray and the run continues. Unattended run length depends on workpiece size, processing time and the holding capacity of the receptacle tray. The rotation speed can be set to accommodate the job's production rate.

The four standard Super Ario models are suitable for a range of workpiece sizes, work emitter heights, production rates and run durations. In addition, for special high-output applications, the new large flat-type 700 receptacle tray holds twice as many parts as the standard SPA500 tray. The three-tiered 700 model is even larger, holding six times as many parts.

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