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August 2018

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New Holemaking and Threading Tools
Entry-Level Presetting and Measuring System
Reinventing Workholding Onsite Demos
Multitasking Tooling and Hard Machining Solutions
New Cutting Tool and Tapping Technologies
New Punch Tap Technology Enables 75percent Faster Threading
Valve Seat Inspection System for the Complete Measurement of Cylinder Heads
Tooling System and Advanced Gear Solutions
Fixtureworks to Feature Expanded Product Line
All-in-One Hydraulic Tapping Arm Packages
Closed-Loop Metal Deposition System
New Coolant-Through Micro Toolholders
Shrink Fit and Presetting Machines
Five Minute Chuck Change
New Tool Program for Automatic Lathes
Tooling for Automated Cross Hole Deburring
Quick-Change Workholding Products and Custom Design and Build Capabilities
Trepan on a CNC Mill
Storage Solutions and Remote Support Platform
Quick Change Collet Chuck Series
CrossOver Vise Pneumatic Zero-Point Clamping System and 5-Axis Holding Solutions
High-Speed High-Efficiency Indexable Drilling
Lathe Sub-Spindle Part Unloader
High Performance Drills and End Mills
Cost-Effective Boring of Turbochargers Brake Calipers and More
HOT WIRE HYBRID Multitasking Technology
Fully Automated Workholding Changeover Capabilities
Time Saving Workholding Solutions
Diverse Line-up of Workholding Solutions
Tooling Innovations and Turn-Key Services
Total Broaching Solutions
New Additive Manufacturing System
Five-Sided Machining Vises
Rotary Positioner Includes New Adjustment Plates and Outriggers
Robot Solutions for Fully-Automated Manufacturing
Shank Attachments and Angle Heads
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Rotary Positioner Includes New Adjustment Plates and Outriggers

Rotary Positioner

Reversible Plate

Tube and Pipe Notcher

Pipe Fitup Clamp

Magnetic Grasshopper

MagHold V-Pad Kit

MagHold V-Pad Kit

Strong Hand Tools has announced its improved version of the BuildPro rotary positioner. Horizontally mount the BuildPro or Siegmund welding tabletop to the BuildPro rotary positioner for plane rotation of a welding tabletop. The gear driven, free-turning mechanism allows for smooth operation, stability and controlled turning and positioning at precise 15° increments with positive manual locking.

The adjustment plates help shift the center of gravity when working with tall or heavy parts for smoother rotation of assemblies up to 90° from horizontal. Lower the tabletop position, as required for each unique project, at 1" increments.

The adjustable outriggers allow greater stability when working with taller assemblies and can be retracted when not required.

BuildPro welding table plates are now reversible for 2X the table life.

The table plate + 5/8" CNC machined hole is design for unlimited flexibility in modular fixturing in the set-up of dedicated, short run or prototype welding fixtures for each unique project. A full line of clamps, fixturing components, and fixturing kits mate to the table holes for accurate locating, positioning and clamping of stock for welding and fabrication. Each BuildPro welding table is comprised of precision ground steel plates that can be reconfigured to extend the width of the table for larger projects.

When the surface of BuildPro welding table plates show signs of wear, the plates can now be turned over to provide a new work surface. The reversible table plates are also self-locating for correct alignment. All BuildPro welding tables include the new patented Locating Bushing so table plates can be reversed, removed, repositioned and re-aligned correctly on the tabletop.

The BuildPro tube and pipe notcher is an integral tool in prepping stock for fixturing. The notcher enables the set-up and control of tubes and pipes for a variety of notches (45°, 90°, compound, reference, etc.). "Unlike conventional notchers, the BuildPro tube and pipe notcher makes alignment and length control of the second notch easy to complete accurately," said a company spokesperson. Use with a 1/2" drill to notch 1" - 2-1/2" O.D. pipe or square tubes at any angle or off-center. The cutter centerline is height adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of workpieces. Accepts hole saw thread sizes 1/2-20", 5/8-18".

The notcher kit includes components for the accurate positioning and alignment of tubes and pipes on the modular fixture plate. Mount the BuildPro tube and pipe notcher on the BuildPro, Rhino Cart or FixturePoint welding tables.

The pipe fit-up clamp is a compact, lightweight, portable clamp for the accurate fit-up of round pipes for tack welding in a butt-welding application. Locate round pipes by placing them on the fixed bottom mounting bracket. Align by sliding the clamp arm down to contact the pipes. Set all three SS fine adjustment screws for three-point precision alignment. Clamp by tightening the threaded clamp spindle to securely hold pipes in position for tack welding.

The sliding clamp arm design allows for the rapid, repeated loading and unloading of pipes. The pipe fit-up clamp is a suitable size to take along in a toolbox for outdoor work. Choose from two models for clamping capacities of: 2" - 4" and 4" - 5-1/2". The clamp spindle and fixed mounting base are black-oxided for protection against weld spatter and rust.

The magnetic grasshopper clamp is the next model in the grasshopper clamp series. The original grasshopper clamp (sometimes called the "welding finger") "steadies" small parts for tack welding. The magnetic grasshopper locates and holds steel stock in the vertical position for tack welding. The spring-loaded, fully adjustable magnetic grasshopper clamp arm delivers positive, self-adjusting holding pressure and is suitable for tight-spot holding. Locate and hold workpieces vertically, with minimal obstruction for tack welding. The adjustable, magnetic V-Pad base securely holds onto round, square, flat or angled surfaces at any point. No clamp edge is required.

MagHold V-Pad kits hold stock of all shapes for tack welding. The magnetic V-Pads are low profile, and suitable for tight space, light duty holding and positioning of steel stock in horizontal or vertical positions. The magnetic V-Pad faces pivot to hold onto: round, square, flat or angled steel stock and odd shaped parts. Magnetic V-Pads are offered in sizes ranging from 2.2" long to 4.8" long.

The MagHold V-Pads can be set up, adjusted and removed quickly, are easy to store and provide workholding solutions in tight spots where larger clamps cannot be used. "Frequently referred to as 'welding fingers', MagHold V-Pads are the better alternative to holding small parts with your finger, for proper alignment and positioning in a safe, efficient and accurate fit-up for tack welding," said the spokesperson. Choose from three 4-piece MagHold V-Pad kits.

Strong Hand Tools offers the Rhino Cart mobile fixturing station. The Rhino Cart is a mobile fixturing and set-up table for fabrication, welding, modification and repair jobs. The Rhino Cart package includes the welding table + 66-piece clamp and component fixturing kit (adjustable positioning stops, hold-down clamps, pliers and locating components) that mates to the CNC machined 5/8" tabletop holes (2" grid) for accurate clamping or fixturing on the tabletop.

The long-life, reversible 16 mm thick, 30" D x 48" W steel tabletop features a protective nitrided black oxide finish for wear, rust and weld spatter resistance.

The robust steel table legs include locking casters and leveling feet for either stationary or mobile use anywhere in the shop. A series of shelves, racks and a pegboard panel allow for the convenient, space-saving, organized storage of Rhino clamps, components and accessories so the tools needed for each job remain within reach. The Rhino Cart frame has a durable, textured black powder coated finish for a shop-tough, easy to maintain exterior.

For more information contact:

Strong Hand Tools

8750 Pioneer Blvd.

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670


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