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August 2018

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Engineering Software for Traditional and Additive Manufacturing
Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem
5-Axis CMMs for Smart Factory Environments
Micro Coordinate Measurement System
Adaptive Machine Offers Multidirectional Flexibility
Laser Measuring Technology
Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control System
Video Contour Projector
Sump Shark for Machine Tool Sump Cleaning
CNC Simulation with Modernized User Interface
Advanced Cleaning Solutions
Filler Used to Restore Prototypes Made of High-End Metals
SmartChucks for Industry 4.0
2-Axis Milling Heads and Micro Turbo Compressors
ERP Software Update Enhances Functionality
Connect Equipment Through Control Systems
Shop Management System
Full Range of High Speed Spindles
Measuring Device for Roughness and Form Metrology
Thread Inspection System for Runout and Concentricity
Chip Processing System
Precision Wire EDMs and Grinding Technology
Full Complement of Metrology Solutions
Augmented Reality Gauging
Newly Released Machining Software
Data-Driven Manufacturing Software
Single Source Manufacturing Solutions
Measuring Tools Lineup
Cleaning Units for 3-D Printed Parts
CAM Software for Complex Components
Low Wattage Power Supplies in Space-Limited Applications
Metal Chip Processing Fluid Filtration and Industrial Water Treatment Systems
TurnCheck Family of Shaft Measuring Systems
Monitoring Systems and DNC Software
Updated SupaTouch Technology
Increase Productivity with Automation
New Innovations in Machine Tool Automation Technology
Electric Actuator Doubles the Eject Speed of Pneumatic Actuators
Optimize Machine Utilization
Latest CADCAM Software and MES System
Software to Enhance Productivity Performance
Connecting and Collecting Shop Floor CNC Machine Data in Real Time
Expanded Line of Quality Control Solutions
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Engineering Software for Traditional and Additive Manufacturing

"Ensure high quality 3-D prints with best practice templates and configurable support structures plus analysis to prevent part distortion during the build," said a company spokesperson.

3DXpert enables fast creation, viewing and editing of lattice and infill structures to minimize part weight and material usage.

"NC programmers will benefit from faster and easier programming with the new feature-based machining, as well as faster machining time and better surface quality," said the spokesperson.

GibbsCAM 13 includes key enhancements that further streamline the programming of CNC machining centers - increasing functionality while maintaining the intuitive workflow.

3D Systems will feature its comprehensive engineering software portfolio enabling streamlined prototyping and production workflows in both traditional and additive manufacturing (AM). "3D Systems is a recognized leader in reverse engineering, design for additive manufacturing, CAD/CAM and tooling design and 3D inspection to deliver a new level of productivity, efficiency and faster time to market," said a company spokesperson. These solutions cover and streamline the entire manufacturing workflow from digitization, to design and simulate, through to manufacture, inspect and manage.

3D Systems will showcase three new software releases: 3DXpert 14, GibbsCAM 13 and Cimatron 14.

3DXpert 14

3D Systems will announce and demonstrate 3DXpert 14 - its newest version of its all-in-one Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) software. The enhancements to 3DXpert 14 are focused on facilitating the entire production cycle and will support manufacturers as they transition from using additive manufacturing for prototyping to full production applications.

3DXpert 14 helps print managers optimize total cost of operation (TCO) through reduced print times, material consumption and post-processing labor requirements:

  • 3DXpert 14's intelligent multi-head control and auto-balancing offer performance enhancements. Through enhanced control, including laser synchronization, gas flow and correct hatching order, 3DXpert 14 shortens the print time for high quality large parts while helping maintain material integrity.
  • Advanced built-in templates and automation tools shorten the print preparation time, from design to the first batch of repeatable quality prints, including: more options for orientation analysis using stress approximation; new support structure options; new lattice structure options and ready-made templates for generating lattices; and enhanced access to Build Simulation including free versions for education as well as a new standard and professional version.

With version 14, 3DXpert continues to streamline the DfAM workflow, allowing the user to optimize their process and lower total cost of operation, critical for AM profitability.

GibbsCAM 13 release, the newest version of its GibbsCAM CAM programming software, includes key enhancements throughout the product that further streamline the programming of CNC machining centers. Building from the recent interface improvements, GibbsCAM 13 continues to increase functionality while maintaining intuitive workflow.

New features include:

  • Advancements in turning capabilities include elliptical and eccentric turning. GibbsCAM now allows programming elliptical shapes and non-centerline turning inside the CAM package - eliminating the need for time-consuming calculations and programming on the machine controller.
  • Interpolation turning gives turning capability to any machining center with an orientable spindle, such as 4-axis mills, MTM machines and boring machines
  • Linear and rotary broaching programming has been added. Traditionally, broaching has been a hand-programmed or manual process. GibbsCAM 13 allows the programming of broaching routines, eliminating manual coding or extra set-up time.
  • Interface enhancements to GibbsCAM 13 build on those found in GibbsCAM 12. The newest enhancements create a faster, more fluid workflow when programming CNC machines. The ability to stack or group operations, along with a built in G-code editor provides intuitive programming information in a single location.

Cimatron 14

Cimatron 14 addresses the entire toolmaking process. From tool design to NC programming, Cimatron 14 helps manufacturers improve productivity and maintain competitive advantage.

"NC programmers will benefit from faster and easier programming with the new feature-based machining, as well as faster machining time and better surface quality. Die makers will be able to run a simulation to calculate accurate trim lines and accurate springback effects in order to reduce or eliminate the number of tryouts using the new integrated offering with ProgSim (from Autoform) Simulation. And finally, mold makers will be introduced to new features that enable faster, easier mold design," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

3D Systems Corporation

333 Three D Systems Circle

Rock Hill, SC 29730


IMTS 2018 Level 3, Booths E-133310 and E-431608

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