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August 2018

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Cleaning Units for 3-D Printed Parts

"3-D prototype part applications that require careful and thorough cleaning will realize extremely effective results with Omegasonics' 1900BT and 1900BTX ultrasonic cleaning units," said a company spokesperson. The ultrasonic cleaning process is particularly effective for 3-D printing applications because it generates cavitation energy inside the bath, which creates its own internal pressure that dissolves the support structure for the parts.

Omegasonics' 1900BT is a 20-gallon, plug & play unit that was specifically designed for cleaning 3-D prototype parts. It has a compact cleaning area and is suited for ultrasonic applications where filtration is not required. This model has a low-profile design, so it serves as a hybrid between traditional bench top cleaners and portable floor models. The insulated construction allows the operator to place it into an office environment and not worry about the operating decibels. Digital timer and temperature control are standard upgrades for this model.

The 1900BTX is an enhancement to Omegasonics' 1900BT model, and features two cleaning technologies - a water agitation cleaning process and ultrasonic cavitation. Each operates independently to facilitate a more thorough, yet gentle, cleaning process. This model's magnetic drive pump system allows for agitation, similar to a jacuzzi, whereby the turbulence is controlled so parts are not damaged. Inside the tank, the part flows circularly, which helps dissolve the temporary support structure around the part. The flow and heat are both adjustable since different materials require different pressures and temperatures. In addition, the water agitation tank features a directional spray nozzle that lets the user spray parts directly and precisely. This unit also includes a programmable cycle for complete hands-free cleaning. Cycle times can be programmed, and repeated as needed.

Both the 1900BT and 1900BTX models come standard with several agency ratings, namely the CE Marking Certification, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certification and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Certification. These certifications demonstrate that these ultrasonic cleaning units consistently perform within the safety parameters required by the CE, CSA and UL.

The Viking line of multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning stations offers customers requiring precision parts and components cleaning with the same effective ultrasonic cleaning technology, but with multiple washes and rinses and high efficiency parts drying.

Omegasonics offers the Viking X2, DX3 and DX4. All units are designed for maximum portability with built-in casters and a single point of connection for utilities. Multi-stage systems from Omegasonics do not include automation, making them economical for even small- to mid-sized businesses.

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