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August 2018

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Engineering Software for Traditional and Additive Manufacturing
Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem
5-Axis CMMs for Smart Factory Environments
Micro Coordinate Measurement System
Adaptive Machine Offers Multidirectional Flexibility
Laser Measuring Technology
Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control System
Video Contour Projector
Sump Shark for Machine Tool Sump Cleaning
CNC Simulation with Modernized User Interface
Advanced Cleaning Solutions
Filler Used to Restore Prototypes Made of High-End Metals
SmartChucks for Industry 4.0
2-Axis Milling Heads and Micro Turbo Compressors
ERP Software Update Enhances Functionality
Connect Equipment Through Control Systems
Shop Management System
Full Range of High Speed Spindles
Measuring Device for Roughness and Form Metrology
Thread Inspection System for Runout and Concentricity
Chip Processing System
Precision Wire EDMs and Grinding Technology
Full Complement of Metrology Solutions
Augmented Reality Gauging
Newly Released Machining Software
Data-Driven Manufacturing Software
Single Source Manufacturing Solutions
Measuring Tools Lineup
Cleaning Units for 3-D Printed Parts
CAM Software for Complex Components
Low Wattage Power Supplies in Space-Limited Applications
Metal Chip Processing Fluid Filtration and Industrial Water Treatment Systems
TurnCheck Family of Shaft Measuring Systems
Monitoring Systems and DNC Software
Updated SupaTouch Technology
Increase Productivity with Automation
New Innovations in Machine Tool Automation Technology
Electric Actuator Doubles the Eject Speed of Pneumatic Actuators
Optimize Machine Utilization
Latest CADCAM Software and MES System
Software to Enhance Productivity Performance
Connecting and Collecting Shop Floor CNC Machine Data in Real Time
Expanded Line of Quality Control Solutions
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Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem

Adion Systems, developers of ProShop software, will host demonstrations of its comprehensive shop management software suitable for Industry 4.0 practitioners. "One of the most significant differentiators about ProShop versus other systems is that ProShop offers an integrated, comprehensive set of modules for managing the shop's typical ERP operations and also includes MES and QMS functions such as ISO-9000, AS9100, API and ISO 13485," said a company spokesperson.

Paul Van Metre Co-Founder and VP of Sales of Adion Systems, said, "There has never been a shop management system so suitably designed for the machining industry until now. This could be referred to as ERP 4.0 or perhaps a as it embraces a completely paperless, 100% electronic method of managing the business with shopfloor controls of inspection, work instructions, tool management and doing it with a big data, manufacturing analytics approach."

According to Van Metre, most conventional ERP systems are accounting-based that have very little functionality for managing and controlling the shopfloor environment. Or, they are manufacturing monitoring type systems but still lack the full scope of information required in machining today.

"In addition to the more typical ERP segments having to do with 'front office' activities such as estimating, quoting and purchasing, ProShop also includes Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Quality Management System (QMS) control, monitoring and collection capabilities. For instance, among the MES functionality is tracking machine utilization, cutting tool management, media-rich work instructions, part inspection data and more, including integration with coordinate measuring machine data, which is unique to ProShop," said the spokesperson. Further, ProShop offers an integrated, comprehensive set of modules for managing the shop's QMS such as ISO-9000, AS9100, API and ISO 13485. Among these include standards, equipment, users, training, audit reports, non-conformance reports, corrective actions and the like - all of the tasks required to be in compliance with the various quality systems in place at the worksite. The program may be hosted in the cloud or on site, depending on the customer's preference.

"Typically, ProShop can replace five to six other software packages that companies use and that frequently do not communicate with each other," continued Van Metre. "Of most interest to shop managers and owners, ProShop can have an enormous impact on improving profitability and throughput. Customers cite many contributors to this such as moving overhead labor to billable functions, gaining confidence to take on more complicated jobs, experiencing better on-time delivery performance and gleaning accurate profit margins on each project. They can make much more informed and conscious choices surrounding all of their business decisions."

For more information contact:

Adion Systems (ProShop)

1037 W. Broadway, Ste. 104

Vancouver BC V6H1E3


IMTS 2018 Level 2, Booth E-121645

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