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Swing Lathes Now Standard with TRI-V Bedways

Toolmex Lathes, the exclusive U.S. importer for TUR European built lathes, has announced that all TUR European built lathes, models TUR-S, TUR-A, TUR-SC, TUR-MN and TUR-MNCNC, medium sized 22"- 47" swing lathes come standard with TRI-V ways. Designed for high performance, TRI-V beds have two full matched V-ways, front and rear supporting the saddle, plus the smaller inner V-way for tailstock and steadies.

TRI-V bed features and benefits include:

  • Increased support of carriage with four way surfaces (compared to the standard three)
  • Self "honing" effect with dual V's in normal Z-axis movements
  • Eliminates "fish tailing" in +/-Z traverse, thus holding tighter O.D. and Boring tolerances
  • TRI-V ways require a heavier duty (thicker) saddle, as on TUR-MN, which results in greater tooling/turret stability
  • All TUR carriages are Turcite lined to reduce friction and "stick-slip" effect
  • TUR TRI-V beds are built extra wide: 17" and 24.5" (width) on the 25" and 37" swings, respectively
  • 17" wide bed full rear way is fitted to headstock, making the bed and headstock a more rigid assembly
  • 24.5" wide beds feature oversized matched front and rear V ways, increasing contact, stability and performance.

For more information contact:

Tom Kob

Toolmex Lathes

2015 South Mitchell Blvd.

Schaumburg, IL 60193-4543


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