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Fabricating Solutions Displayed

Mate Precision Tooling Products at FABTECH 2016 include Ultra QCT Quick Change Tooling, CleanBend Press Brake Tooling and One-Micron Fiber Laser Lenses

Mate Precision Tooling will display its new Ultra QCT Quick Change Tooling, CleanBend Press Brake Tooling and One-Micron Fiber Laser.

Mate Ultra QCT

"Ultra QCT tooling is simple and intuitive to set up, and fully compatible with Mate's Ultra family of guides and standard canisters," said a company spokesperson. "To set up, flip the latch to remove and snap the new insert into place. The punch is keyed at the perimeter of the tool - not the center - providing superior angularity control. The shoulder of the punch remains securely guided by the guide when punching. Only one punch driver is needed for rounds or shapes."

Made from M4PM tool steel, Mate Ultra QCT is designed to be durable and long lasting. It is coated with SuperMax, Mate's next generation coating, to minimize wear and preserve fits.

Mate Salvagnini Style "P0" Fully Guided Perforating Tool

Designed to accommodate any shape up to 0.492" (12.50 mm) diameter, Mate's new Salvagnini "P0" fully guided perforating tool has tight stripper clearance to prevent lateral punch movement for assured accurate hole punching. "The specially formulated MPM82 powdered tool steel has superior wear resistance for longer tool life," said the spokesperson. The fully guided tool is designed for smaller hole sizes in the 7 ton stations of Salvagnini punch presses. "With this product, Mate now provides users the ideal perforating solution for both the low and high range sizes of the 7 ton station," said the spokesperson.

New Mate SuperMax Tool Coating

"Mate's new SuperMax is a proprietary, next generation coating specifically formulated for punch press tooling," said the spokesperson. "SuperMax outperforms currently available premium coatings by two to eight times, depending on the application." Applied using the latest nano-layer technology, SuperMax's hard, dense film is designed to increase wear resistance and has a lower friction coefficient. "Lower friction means less heat build-up, less galling and longer tool life," said the spokesperson. SuperMax works in a wide range of materials including aluminum, cold rolled, galvanized and stainless steels, vinyl coated and fiberglass.

New Mate CleanBend Forming Technology for Press Brakes

Mate's new CleanBend forming technology for press brakes enables high quality sheet metal forming with minimal to no marking of the metal. CleanBend is designed for a wide range of applications including: bending short flanges; bending a flange to a diagonal sharp or across existing holes; and bending delicate or polished materials, including plastic coverings. Using rotating supports, the process mimics a folding operation.

Mate 1 Micron Optics for Fiber Lasers

Mate expands its laser optics offerings with the introduction of 1 Micron Optics for fiber lasers. These fused silica lenses and mirrors are designed for high performance with superior coating and low absorption. 1 Micron Optics are approved for use in leading brand fiber lasers.

Mate Lensmate Simplifies Amada Lens Mounting

Mate Lensmate simplifies lense remounting, allowing it to be done without springs, screws or iridium wire. Simply separate the housing by twisting the Lensmate apart, replace the lens and twist it back together. The Lensmate is designed for use with the Apelio, Gemini, FONT and Pulsar Amada laser models.

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Mate Precision Tooling

1295 Lund Blvd.

Anoka, MN 55303-1092


FABTECH Booth C36069

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