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Welding and Marking Products

Rocklin Manufacturing Co. will feature products designed to reduce costs, improve productivity and boost quality control.

The ROCKLINIZER carbide application equipment deposits precise amounts of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide and Rockhard electrode onto metals, tools and dies to reduce wear and optimize gripping and maintenance.

The FLYMARKER battery-operated marking units rapidly produce deep and durable markings on nearly any material from plastics to hardened steel. At just 10 and 6 lbs., respectively, the versatile units can be carried around the shop with no cables needed.

The MOLDMENDER micro welder repairs molds and dies made of steel. Through a simple process of welding the same material onto the affected area, scratches and other imperfections are quickly alleviated in-house to minimize machine downtime and repair costs.

"The LASE ONE micro welder produces a laser-quality weld at a fraction of the set-up time, maintenance and cost of a laser welder," said a company spokesperson. The plasma-pulled arc process enables precision welding of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The LASEREVO fiber laser marking unit delivers detailed laser markings of all types of metals, plastics and varnished materials. The compact unit includes a 100,000 hour marking lifetime, 20-100 watt power options, user-friendly software and no maintenance required.

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