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Expanded Lineup of Heavy-Duty VTLs

Spartan Precision Machinery has announced new extended turning height models for its heavy-duty Momentum MVL lineup of vertical turning lathes (VTLs).

Momentum MVLs are offered in sizes from 63" to 98" swing and with optional milling capability. All models feature FANUC controls.

Standard features include:

  • Oversize rams and other major components
  • Full wrap, arc-shaped columns
  • Heavy-duty rail elevation and locking components
  • Floor mounted tool changers
  • Twin-gear C-axis drives (on milling models)
  • Single-piece saddles
  • Oversize spiral-gear table drives
  • Gear reduction on linear axis motors
  • Thrust and radial table bearings.

"Standard MVL models have advantages in horsepower, machine mass and maximum table load when compared with similar sized vertical turning lathes," said a company spokesperson. "All MVLs are available with performance guarantees, giving buyers complete peace of mind when purchasing."

The recent product additions include extended turning height versions of the MVL-12, MVL-12M, MVL-16 and MVL-16M models. Appended with an "HS" model designation, these machines offer greater machining range.

For example, the MVL-12HS is a 63" swing machine that permits up to 76" of turning height. The MVL-16HS is a 78" swing machine that permits up to 94" of turning height.

For more information contact:

Spartan Precision Machinery

10100 Houston Oaks Dr.

Houston, TX 77064


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