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Two New Series of CNC Lathes

Summit Machine Tool Manufacturing L.L.C. has released two new series of CNC lathes. Both the SCE and SCT Series lathes are built to provide the precision needed for demanding work conditions. These European-built lathe series feature a range of available swings from 14" to 40" and bed lengths from 40" to 200".

Both the SCE and the SCT Series lathes are designed for shops evolving from manual lathe operations to CNC production that need the ability to produce parts faster and with increased accuracy. Both series also feature combination manual or full CNC operation with the Fagor 8055 Series control. The control language on the Fagor 8055 is either ISO G-code or conversational.

"The Summit SCE Series CNC lathes are lightweight turning champions," said a company spokesperson. SCE Series CNC lathes are available in 16", 20" and 26" swings with available bed lengths from 40" up to 120". They feature an adjustable three jaw chuck, steady rest, follow rest, manual quick change tool post, hardened and precision ground bedways and a Fagor 8055 CNC control. "Electronic handwheels on the control allow this series to showcase the precision of CNC controls with the ease of operation of a manual lathe," said the spokesperson.

The Summit SCT Series CNC lathes are heavy duty machines. They come standard with an automatic eight position turret and combination manual/full CNC operation for a variety of production preferences. Other included accessories range from steady rest (most models), three jaw chuck (most models) and follow rest. The SCT Series has a range of available swings and bed lengths. Machines are available with 14", 18", 22", 24", 32" or 40" swings and bed lengths ranging from 40" up to 200".

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