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Mahr Appoints Husken as CEO

(l-r) Udo Erath, COO, Manuel Hüsken, CEO, and Dr. Lutz Aschke, CFO/CIO, Mahr Inc.

Mahr Inc. announced that Manuel Hüsken has been appointed as CEO. After almost 30 years at Mahr, Stephan Gais leaves his post as CEO and joins the company's advisory board.

Hüsken previously served as the company's CSO. In his new role as CEO, he will lead the executive board and will be responsible for group strategy, corporate communications and direction of various business unit metrology departments. Together with his colleagues Udo Erath, COO, and Dr. Lutz Aschke, CFO/CIO, the board managers are responsible for implementing the Mahr Group's strategy.

"As a family-owned technology company, Mahr stands for trust and sustainability," said Hüsken. "We want to live up to this claim for our employees at all locations and our customers worldwide, and lay the foundation for strong growth."

Gais, the great-great-grandson of company founder Carl Mahr, will remain a member of the family company's advisory board. Mahr was founded in 1861 and has its headquarters in Göttingen, Germany.

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