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DNC and Machine Monitoring Software Updates

eNET Monitoring & DNC has released two major software updates-eNET V9 and eNET LT V5.

The new versions have been updated with the latest Microsoft compilers, and the code has been completely refreshed and recoded to be up to 80% faster.

The updated eNET and eNET LT have new correlating menu options and an identical user interface (UI). They have also been updated with new toolbar size and location options, and the menu options have been streamlined to eliminate unused legacy tools to offer a more modern look and easier to use experience.

The updated G-Code Editor has been completely rewritten and is up to 50% faster for loading files and utilization of features, such as the new math tools for CNC programmers, an updated Smart File Compare tool and enhanced modified and rotate features.

eNET V9 and eNET LT V5 are completely compatible with legacy eNET hardware and will be followed by a major eNET Monitoring Software update by end of year.

The software updates are available to every eNET customer as a complimentary download from

For more information contact:

eNETDNC Monitoring & DNC

4702 S 47th St.

Greenfield, WI 53220


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