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Tormach Offers 8L Lathe

Tormach Inc. has introduced the 8L Lathe, a small machine with the ability to fill turning needs in a variety of spaces and rigid enough to cut plastic, stainless steel and titanium at an approachable price point, according to the company.

The basic machine features a tailstock and fully-assembled enclosure, while the 8L Lathe Deluxe Package includes a robust machine stand with integral coolant tank, separate chip drawer for easy removal, storage drawers and optional side shelving, as well as PathPilot controller, toolholder/tool kit, monitor, keyboard, mouse and more.

Cory Bailey, Tormach's Product Engineer, said, "Tormach was founded on the idea of bringing cost-effective and capable CNC equipment to market, and this one provides users with everything needed to face, turn, bore, groove and thread."

The 8L Lathe features a 5C spindle that accommodates parts up to 1" diameter to meet the needs of most lathe users. For larger pieces up to 8" in diameter, users can simply add a 3- or 4-jaw chuck to cut the stock.

Like all Tormach CNC machines, the 8L Lathe is controlled by the PathPilot software system. That means users can use intuitive conversational lathe programming, do rigid tapping and leverage built-in Dropbox support for transferring programs.

The 8L offers a 1.5 HP (1.11 kW) spindle runs at 180 RPM to 5,000 RPM. It comes with the machine in a fully assembled enclosure as part of the base model, but the footprint remains small (26" x 50"), and the lathe itself is attached to a hand-scraped 140 lb. cast base. Like all Tormach machine tools, the 8L runs on standard single-phase household power (115 Vac, 50/60 Hz and a 15 A breaker).

With a 5C spindle, the 8L can accommodate parts up to 1" or use a 3- or 4-jaw chuck, providing a swing of up to 8". The stepper motors on the X and Z axes provide a feedrate of 150 IPM (3.8 m/min).

The maximum workpiece length is 10" with the tailstock. The X-axis travel is 4.5", so users can accommodate a part that fully utilizes the 8" swing.

It is configured for Industry Standard OXA Quick Change Tool Post. Instead of the operator needing two wrenches that turn hardware in opposite directions, the machine itself can lock down the toolholder. "By allowing 'one hand tool changing,' this takes a typically inconvenient task and not only makes it easier, but also greatly reduces the time required to change the tooling," said a company spokesperson.

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Tormach Inc.

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