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Manufacturo Releases eKnows Application

Andea, the cloud-based Manufacturo platform's creator, offers eKnows, an application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) guidance to help manufacturers reduce expensive machine downtimes.

Manufacturo eKnows is an application that allows shop floor operators to solve production line issues on their own, without involving maintenance specialists or other colleagues. It relies on knowledge gained during the machine learning process to guide employees through the troubleshooting process. It uses AI to track current issues with machinery, accelerate problem solving and digitize engineering knowledge.

The system acquires knowledge from maintenance engineers, who classify production downtimes and provide descriptions of the solution after fixing an issue. This knowledge is then processed by natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and made available to operators in an interactive chatbot designed to respond like a maintenance engineer.

Over time, the application's knowledge base continues to grow, and it can handle large numbers of inquiries even more precisely. Users can add photos, leave notes and use voice commands instead of manually typing questions. Manufacturo eKnows is quick to set up, can be used either alone or as part of an enterprise solution, and integrates easily with existing manufacturing systems.

For more information contact:

Andea Corp

3 Pointe Drive, Ste. 317

Brea, CA 92821


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