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Mill/Turn o2" Swiss Twin-Spindle Solution

The full-featured GEN TURN 52CS Y2 8-axis CNC is a 52 mm Swiss twin-spindle mill/turn center featuring dual Y- and C-axis for simultaneous front and backside machining and economical 52 mm Swiss one-and-done machining.

"Finishing bar work in just one operation is the best way to compete in machining high-accuracy complex work with easy set-up and fast turnaround," said a company spokesperson.

"The 52CS Y2 sub-spindle works independently from the main spindle for enhanced machining efficiency, making the 52CS Y2 highly competitive against twin-spindle slant bed CNC lathes at a much lower capital cost, and even includes the expensive driven tools," said the spokesperson.

Both the main spindle and sub-spindle feature a high-performance C-axis with full contouring capability and 360,000 radial positions. The 6,000 RPM 10 HP main spindle features rigid tapping. All 13 of the included driven tools also feature rigid tapping.

The standard cut-off operation ensures that the part has been properly cut off prior to the resumption of machining to avoid crashes. A part ejector with a part eject confirmation sensor switch and spindle flush to collect clean-out is standard. Proper safe parts ejection is realized when the part eject piston travels to the end of its stroke. Chip wash-down and dual chip filtration are among the standard features along with a chip conveyor. Coolant flow confirmation feedback for both main and sub-spindle coolant pumps is also standard. The included parts conveyor runs for a selectable timed interval to reduce parts bunching and minimize coolant loss.

Twenty tool positions are provided for the main spindle:

  • Six O.D. turning tool positions
  • Five end working drilling/boring tool positions
  • Six radial driven tool spindles
  • Three axial driven tool spindles.

Thirteen tool positions are provided for the sub-spindle:

  • Four end working drilling/boring tool positions
  • Five end working drilling/boring tool positions (shared with main spindle)
  • Four axial driven tool spindles.

A turning toolholder for two tools is included in the toolbox, to be used when removing an inboard end working tool, and additional driven tools can be added in lieu of the end working drilling/boring positions.

The Y-axis doubles the dedicated back-working tooling availability, from four tool positions to eight tool positions due to the precision Y-axis shift. It can use any mix of eight driven or static tools-even adding two turning tools. it provides the extra tooling to create a productive balance between the work on the main and sub-spindle for more production throughput and optimized tool life. It also provides the extra tooling to make effective use of the included Tool Life Management feature for extended production capability.

The easy to use Advanced Multi-Tasking CNC Control features:

  • 256 MB memory, 96-tool offset pairs and a 10.8" LCD color monitor
  • Toolpath is shown in a multiple color overlay displaying each tool
  • Tool-Life Management, Program Code Check and Alarm Help
  • Over 20 standard canned cycles for fast and efficient program development
  • Advanced drilling and tapping servo synchronization for shorter cycle times
  • Cylindrical Interpolation transforms toolpath from a plane to a cylinder for engraving, etc.
  • Polar coordinate interpolation synchronizes linear axis motion to rotary workpiece motion
  • Ladder diagram for extensive machine condition evaluation and diagnosis
  • Parameter setting pages by group layout with complete description in clear text
  • NC file name storage, complete start time record, total time and output quantity shown
  • RS-232 (DB-25 connection), RS422/485 Ethernet connector
  • Compact flash card reader for up to 1 GB memory card
  • Program check-out feature using MPG handwheel retrace to advance and retract axis moves at the speed that the handwheel is turned to maintain a high level of process control and confidence for fast and easy program and operation check-out.

The GEN TURN Swiss machines are also available in 20 mm, 36 mm and 42 mm sizes.

For more information contact:

Expand Machinery LLC

20869 Plummer St.

Chatsworth, CA 91311

888-349-9166 / 818-349-9166

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