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October 2021

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Coolant Management System Optimized for Common Machine Shop Sizes
Advanced Composites in New Sectors
ATEK Companies Celebrates 75 Years of Innovation
Atlanta Gear Works Rebuilds 50-Year-Old Gearboxes
High Speed Cellular Deburring and Polishing
CAN-ENG Furnaces Awarded Two Contracts
Advances in Precision Fabricating Event October 19-22
CARR Machine and Tool Expands Elk Grove Village Operations
COE Press Equipment Adds Liakos Industrial Sales to Rep Network
Press Feed and Reel Shipped to Manhasset
AGVs Workstations Carts and Flow Racks at Assembly Show
Expansion Boosts Capabilities at Dallas Industries
EMUGE-FRANKEN and GROB Announce Strategic Partnership
Exact Metrology Now Offers Large Scale CMM at Moline Facility
Form Grinding Ball Valves Improves Output
Large-Gear Deburring Solution
High QA and Verisurf Announce Integration Partnership
Hummock Industries Acquires National Bronze Manufacturing
In-Place Machining Company Acquires Exact Metrology
125 Years of Krebs and Riedel Grinding Technology
KUKA Awarded Dana Indirect Supplier of the Year
Fiber-Lined Box Furnace for Aerospace Heat-Treating Facility
MachineMetrics Announces $20M Series B Funding Round
New Partnership to Promote Second Chance Hiring in Manufacturing
RBR Machine Tools Named MCM Dealer
Fluoropolymer Coatings for Medical Devices
Path Robotics Expands Headquarters and Production Operations
Control System Integrator Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary
Phillips Corporation and EOS North America Expand Partnership
One-Stop Destination for On-Demand Manufacturing
Renishaw and CCAT Drive Cutting-Edge Manufacturing
PinchPeel Grinding Machine
Schmalz Announces Phase I Expansion of Headquarters
Star Cutter Expands Tool Offering with 3D Printing Capability
Sybridge Technologies Completes Acquisition
TenCate Advanced Armor Expands Creating 20 New Jobs
VOLLMER of America and Transor Filter USA Enter New Agreement
Tru-Cut Saw Increases PVD Coating Center Capacity
Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks
VELO3D Selected for 3D-Printed Aftermarket Part Solutions
West Ohio Tool Expands Automated Production Capacity
Zeitfracht Acquires Sauter Feinmechanik
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High Speed Cellular Deburring and Polishing

An aerospace compressor blade that was centrifugal disc finished from surface Ra of 57 to 8

Bel Air's centrifugal disc finisher FMSL model

An aerospace compressor blade that was centrifugal disc finished from surface Ra of 57 to 8

In order to help manufacturers increase throughput, decrease cost and increase quality of metal parts, Bel Air has developed Centrifugal Disc Finishers. These machines are designed to both polish and deburr a wide range of materials including brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, kovar, titanium and more.

"They have been proven effective by eliminating 80% of handwork and producing over five times the output of normal hand deburring operations," said a company spokesperson. "They have also been able to drastically reduce surface RA in metal parts across aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries."

The Centrifugal Disc Finisher comes in sizes ranging from 4 to 60 liters and most models come with a mobile frame, suitable for cellular and JIT production. A variety of additional features are available, including integrated ultrasonic cleaners, on-board media storage, a direct compound feed system and parts separation options.

The Centrifugal Disc Finisher works by using a bowl-shaped finishing chamber comprised of a fixed upper bowl and spinning bottom disc. The disc rotates both the media and parts within the chamber, forcing the mass to the stationary outside wall. This mass of part(s) and media then folds back to the center. This process is repeated, creating a 3D toroidal action similar to a vibratory bowl finisher. However, this action is tighter and produces 10x the G force of a vibratory bowl finisher. While this is happening, water and finishing compounds are added into the mix to keep the media and parts clean.

Bel Air models have a North/South gap allowing for the easy adjustment of the gap system. Process effluent-which contains the broken down parts of media, small amounts of part materials and water mixed with compounds-flows through the gap, wearing it down. Bel Air's adjustable gap system allows the gap to be closed as it wears down, extending the machine's service life.

For more information contact:

Bel Air Finishing Supply, Inc.

101 Circuit Drive

North Kingston, RI 02852


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