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Upgrades for Media Mist Collector

The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, a provider of motion and control technologies, offers updates to the fabric-style media collector for indoor factory processes. The upgraded SmogHog SHM Floor mist and smoke collector can be used as a stand-alone solution or part of a centralized system.

Improvements to the self-contained collector include:

  • New motor/blower system that increases reliability through a more robust industrial design
  • Relocated external control panel with touchscreen functionality that is positioned at the side of the cabinet for greater visibility and easy access to system functions, user settings and alerts
  • Enhanced blower cabinet design that increases mist filtration efficiency by providing a longer dwell time in and across the main filter media
  • After-filter cabinet that allows customer choice of a 95% DOP or HEPA media has been relocated to just after the main filter chamber and before the blower cabinet to provide increased filtration efficiency, easier access for after-filter media maintenance and provide additional protection for the blower chamber.

"Our SmogHog SHM uses PEACH saturated depth coalescing media with three airflow paths and a patented inner filter tube," said Tim Rosiek, Product Manager, Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division. "We continue to invest in our technology and make improvements that our customers need."

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