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Lucifer Furnaces Delivers 18 furnaces to U.S. Air Force

Lucifer Furnaces has completed a yearlong contract to deliver 18 AMS2750 compliant furnaces and ovens to the U.S. Government. Models supplied include 5000 Series Heavy Duty Single Chamber Furnaces, 8000 Series Dual Chamber Furnace/Oven combos, 4000 Series Recirculating Convection Ovens and DU4 Series Dual Ovens.

All models are designed and built to comply with AMS2750 Class 2 (+/- 10 F) and Class 5 (+/- 25 F) specifications with Instrumentation package D which includes digital paperless Recorder/Controllers, High Limit Safety Systems and SCR power supplies. TUS and SAT access ports are built in for ongoing System Accuracy Tests and Temperature Uniformity Survey compliance. All models are completely wired and temperature uniformity surveyed in-house prior to shipment.

The Lucifer furnaces and ovens have been shipped to Air Force bases throughout the U.S. and will be used to support airplane and helicopter repair and maintenance, processing a wide range of materials from aluminum to tool steels.

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Lucifer Furnaces, Inc.

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