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Rail and Shuttle Transport System Used in Seating Production

Last preparations at montratec GmbH, Niedereschach Germany, for the implementation of the new intra-logistics system for the Recaro seat production line.

Recaro Automotive Seating has commissioned montratec, a high-tech company based in southern Germany, with the comprehensive redesign of its intra-logistics systems. The result will be manufacturing operations converted into an interlinked production, featuring a cutting-edge, digital data-tracking system.

"By implementing the montrac rail and transport shuttle system with intelligent TracControl we will become the world's first car seat manufacturer to deploy Intra-Logistics 4.0 in its production line," said Ulrich J. Severin, General Manager of Recaro Automotive Seating. "Our new intra-logistics solution will be fully linked to an ERP system, ensuring comprehensive data tracking and maximum transparency in all production processes."

"In this production workflow, the high-quality performance seats of premium brand Recaro are carried by autonomously controlled transport shuttles on a branched monorail system," said a company spokesperson. The seats are being delivered to various workstations to be sequentially processed and completed. "The award-winning shuttle carrier from montratec will also be deployed at Recaro, so that workstations can be additionally connected without rails." This makes it possible to interrupt the monorail system in order to create open spaces for escape paths, transport routes and employee walkways between installed rail segments and attached workstations, without affecting the production workflow.

In this open transport system, every transport shuttle knows its destination due to the decentralized intelligent control system, so that it is always in the right place at the right time. The result is an optimized workflow with reduced cycle times, thereby improving economy, speed and safety across all production performance indicators. Every shuttle is equipped with sensors that monitor the route as well as the space alongside the track. This allows for shock-free transport and maximum safety. The need to enclose the system is thus eliminated.

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