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Carbide and High-Speed Cutting Tools

"Extend the life and performance of your carbide and high-speed steel cutting tools dramatically by honing their edges and polishing their flutes," said a Bel Air Finishing Supply spokesperson. "These hard materials are still susceptible to breakage. Edge prep processes have been shown to make cutting tools significantly less brittle. Polishing cutting tools' coatings and flutes can go a long way in improving cutting performance. With short process times, high-quality results and the ability to extend tool life by as much as 300%, Bel Air Finishing Supply's drag finishers are a suitable, all-in-one solution for cutting tool edge prep and polishing needs," said a company spokesperson.

The robotic AutoHone reverse drag/stream finisher is designed to provide high precision while requiring virtually no operator involvement. The 6-axis robotic arm enables total control over part articulation, which is an important factor in any tool finishing process. This fully-automated system is also modular and customizable, with an optional ultrasonic cleaner and blow-dry station.

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