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Comprehensive Digital Support

All products required for the operation of INDEX and TRAUB machines can be procured in the iXshop.

iX4.0, the IoT platform for integrating machinery in the digital world

iXworld, the cloud-based platform developed by INDEX, offers users digital support for their entire process chains - from gathering information prior to the purchase of a machine, to analyzing and optimizing operation of the machine, all the way to procuring service and spare parts. Earlier this year, INDEX presented new applications that help to improve processes and cost-effectiveness.

In a sense, the iXworld digital platform is the link between the digital INDEX world and a wide range of customer processes. "It aims to simplify handling of existing, heterogeneous data for the user and thus boost efficiency," said Werner Bothe, Head of Digitization at INDEX.

Users can gain quick and easy access to iXworld by visiting, where they can obtain full information about the INDEX Group and its range of products and services. They also receive access to the iX4.0, iXshop and iXservices portals, all of which offer a range of useful functions.

A core element of iXworld can be found on the iX4.0 portal: the IoT platform that integrates INDEX and TRAUB machinery in the digital world. Bothe said, "One key aspect of the overall iXworld is connecting machinery via an edge computer." This collects the data acquired from the controller as well as from fixed and mobile sensors, carries out pre-processing if necessary, and sends it to processing software in the cloud precisely as required. By selecting specific apps, the customer decides which data is transferred to the cloud. For the edge computer, INDEX relies on the use of Genubox, which for some time has already been supplied with every machine as a gateway to the company's teleservice. As a result, these machines are already iX4.0-ready.

On the basis of the established OPC UA protocol, older machines with all controllers used by INDEX dating back to 2007 can also be connected to the cloud. All that may be necessary is the retrofit of an edge computer, assuming no Genubox has previously been installed for INDEX's teleservice. Even older INDEX and TRAUB machines, as well as third-party equipment, can be integrated into the digital platform via an IoT connector based on the Raspberry Pi developed by INDEX, which is suitable for industrial requirements and can be simply positioned in the control cabinet.

Condition data is moved from the machines (MDE) to the cloud for further analysis via the Genubox. More recent machines that are equipped with the iXpanel control unit can now also provide BDE data for evaluation. Messages triggered by faults can be pushed out by email or text message, thereby boosting productivity during unattended operation.

Condition monitoring enables the "spindle check," which collects, evaluates and visualizes information on speed, spindle load, temperature profiles and more. In a similar way, the "axis check" continuously monitors the linear axes. Further applications issue maintenance recommendations or warnings.

Analysis of alarm messages is a further feature of the iX4.0 portal. Any collision can be determined after the fact, which can help to prevent the delivery of parts with quality defects. For this purpose, a crash sensor is attached to the spindle on INDEX machines. On TRAUB models, the relevant data is obtained from the control system.

Purchasing Made Easy

All products required for the operation of INDEX and TRAUB machines can be procured through the iXshop portal. Spare parts and services relating to all aspects of the machines can also be ordered through the iXshop. In addition, users can review their current orders (status overview) as well as their order history. iXshop also offers customers the opportunity to connect their ERP system directly to iXworld. This allows customers to easily integrate the procurement of C-material into their approval process and logistics organization.

INDEX has integrated further elements in the iXshop to further boost customer benefits. A cooperation arrangement with Klöckner & Co., for example, gives customers the option to purchase items such as raw materials directly through the portal. In addition, this INDEX platform features brand shops, offering premium complementary items for purchase. Its first partners are Hainbuch, with its wide-ranging clamping technology range, and Balluff, offering industrial sensors. In each brand shop, users can query prices, check availability and ultimately complete their purchases.

iXservices is the INDEX service portal that allows customers to manage all of their machines, including those from third parties. It offers troubleshooting and repair management as well as maintenance and service management. INDEX customers receive support, including assistance with compliance with legal regulations (e.g., testing of pressure tanks). Users can also identify their required spare parts on the service portal, either by the traditional spare parts list or by using an interactive 3D model. With just a click, the required spare part is placed in the cart and can be ordered via iXshop.

Remote access using data glasses and the teleservice is also available - now using a prepaid system and smartphones to avoid costly licensing.

Also new is a knowledge platform with a training portfolio for metalworkers integrated in iXservices. "This option is proving very popular, especially in countries that, unlike Germany, do not offer a dual vocational training system," said a company spokesperson.

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