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Cloud Based Applications

Lantek is offering its new suite of cloud based applications, Lantek 360.

Lantek's cloud based software products are designed to provide end-to-end management of manufacturers' businesses within the industry.

"Using cloud based applications has advantages for companies: data security and data availability is close to 100% with built in redundancy for backup and recovery; special computing expertise at the manufacturer's site is unnecessary since it is supplied by Lantek and the cloud service provider; data can be accessed from multiple locations for maximum flexibility for multi-plant operations and mobile working; high security levels and encryption prevent data abuse and ensure that only the latest versions of the data are being used; cost of access to high value and complex computer equipment and services is low; software maintenance and updating is managed by Lantek; and additional Lantek software modules can be accessed or deactivated as the needs of the company evolve," said a company spokesperson.

Despite all these advantages, some companies are wary of using cloud based applications, due to concerns about potential disruptions to production. "Lantek has addressed these concerns by storing copies of the critical data locally at the customer's premises," said the spokesperson. "This hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds, ensuring continuity of data availability and manufacture even in extreme circumstances, while utilizing the power of the cloud to manage the applications being used as well as the security, availability and reliability of the manufacturer's vital production data."

For smaller companies, the advantages of cloud working are even more evident, since the cost of suitable computer equipment is high and, more importantly, the skills required to manage such a system are expensive and difficult to find. "By moving to cloud based digitization, manufacturers can concentrate on their core skills of manufacturing products and get all the benefits that digital transformation can bring, along with the agility that is synonymous with smaller companies," said the spokesperson.

Using software in the cloud is now an everyday occurrence in all walks of life from banking to shopping and normal office tasks. Rob Powell, Commercial Director of Lantek in the UK, added, "The cloud already offers very high levels of security. Cloud services allow for continuous and transparent updates of the protocols and protection layers used by the platform that supports the service, so there is nothing to fear from this development and a considerable amount to gain, especially with Lantek's hybrid approach which will ensure continuity of critical services under the most extreme circumstances."

The Lantek 360 suite of cloud based software comprises Lantek Analytics; Lantek iQuote; Lantek MetalShop and Lantek Control Panel.

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