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Precise Point Grinding

The PrecisionGrind PG6 for fast and precise needle point finishing.

Jouhsen-bündgens has redesigned its PrecisionGrind PG6 needle grinding machine. It features a new saddle close to the grind stone that allows the machine to now also process short blanks in the required length. Workpieces no longer have to be cut to length after grinding, optimizing the entire production process.

The machine is capable of process speeds of up to 600 parts per minute in a continuous grinding process. To achieve this, a transport wheel separates the blanks from the magazine and precisely positions them axially. The blanks are transferred to the transport unit before being conveyed precisely along the grind stone. By processing the blanks directly in the required length, the machine removes the need to cut the workpieces to length after grinding. "This accelerates the whole process and reduces error rates," said Jouhsen-bündgens CEO Dr. Peter Renz.

The PG6 has a clear design and is accessible from all sides. "The machine's simple and precise control elements make it easy to adjust the length and shape of the points as well as the process speed," said a company spokesperson. A fast-change system allows users to quickly adjust the diameter at the transport wheel. This makes it possible to accurately set the grind stone itself and the speed of the grind stone and transport. The machine speed is infinitely adjustable and the grinding material can be varied to achieve different surface finishes.

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