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Superfinishing Machine Platform

Nagel Precision, Inc. a global manufacturer of high quality superfinishing systems based in Ann Arbor, MI, has introduced a new line of economical, superfinishing machine platform. NaCen was specifically developed for small and midsized shops seeking a high degree of flexibility and affordability.

The machine concept is suitable for finishing numerous round, tapered and flat components. With a maximum center distance of 650 mm, all parts typically superfinished in passenger cars such as cam shafts, transmission shafts, gears, rotors, balance and oil pump shafts can be finished. Gear faces and similar flat surfaces can also be finished on this equipment. Up to four finishing heads can be mounted on the machine base. The finishing module can either be a tape head or a stone head or a combination of both. Necessary electrical interfaces are available for automating the machine. Loading is possible from four sides (front, rear, right and top). The machine is also equipped with an integral dual cartridge 200-liter filtration system.

No programming skills are required and the user interface permits intuitive operation. In addition, MTTR reduction features such as remote diagnostics, commonly available only on high end equipment are also made available on NaCen.

For more information contact:

Nagel Precision, Inc.

288 Dino Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48103


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