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November 2017

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New Compact Drive on Husky Master Floor Crane
QWERTY Keypad Programmable Indicator
Compact Barcode Reader
Universal Pendant Control Offers Control with Minimal Effort
AGV Responds to Logistics Needs
Bidirectional AGV Optimizes Production
Plastic Pallets Made from Recycled Plastic
Ergonomic Lifter Reduces Back Strains in Manufacturing Environments
Wireless Charging Systems for the Material Handling Industry
Lifting Magnets Improve Safety and Increase Productivity
Support and Guiding Rollers
Mobile Material Handling Scales
Parallel-Link Robot
Gripper System for Protective Film Removal
FlexQube and Proterra Together Design Material Handling Carts
Sensors Accelerate Machine Vision
Flexible Line of Die Carts
Utility Winches Offer Integrated Solution for Onshore Rig
U.S.-Made Alloy Steel Hoist Rings
Pistol Grip Addition for Barcode Scanning
Warehouse Grows Vertically
Compact Storage Solution for All Sheet Metal Formats
Dot Peen Marker
Intuitive Interface Streamlines Labeling Logic
Expanded Custom Material Handling Solutions
Digital Vehicle Scale Load Cells
UHD Autofocus Barcode Readers
PFlow Delivers 17000th Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor
Extended Vertical Travel Scissor Lift Table
Marking AM Parts
Storage Solutions Group Unveils Two Online QuickShip Programs
Duluth Aircraft MRO Operation Adds Crane Expands Output
Ergonomically Designed Lift and Tilt Tables Keep Workpieces Within Easy Reach
Rideable Material Lift
Model Added to High-Speed GP-Series Robot Line
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Wireless Charging Systems for the Material Handling Industry

Delta Group, a power and thermal management solutions company, launched its wireless battery charging systems for the material handling industry, capable of delivering efficiency of up to 93%.

Delta's wireless charging systems can be applied to a wide range of industrial vehicles from forklifts to automated guided vehicles (AGVs), covering the applications from 300 W to 30 kW, and can be designed for any power level depending on utility infrastructure and installation site. It can eliminate the need for cables and connectors or human intervention to efficiently charge batteries.

"The 30 kW wireless system is able to charge a 600 Ahr-48 V battery in 60 minutes," said a company spokesperson.

"Wireless charging is fairly new for the material handling industries," said M.S. Huang, President of Delta Americas. "As a leading provider of EV technologies for homes and businesses, Delta's innovative wireless charging systems bring the industrial market a more efficient charging solution. In addition to streamlining operations and saving precious time for operators, Delta's new wireless technologies make the use of power cables and connectors, which on a facility-wide basis can cost thousands of dollars to replace when damaged or worn out, obsolete."

Delta's wireless charging system is safe and reliable with no moving parts. It can be mounted to the wall or floor and is available in a range of power levels. It is comprised of a base-pad that is connected to a wall-box and a low-weight on-board unit that is integrated into the vehicle. The 1 kW can charge with a 20 mm gap between the base-pad and on-board unit. The system can be programmed for any type of battery. The transmitting and receiving sections communicate via Wi-Fi. Communications with the vehicle are via CANBus.

"Overall the adoption of electric industrial vehicles is fairly new, with many companies still relying on gas and LPG powered lifts," said a company spokesperson. "Delta's durable wireless charging solutions offer enhanced efficiency and eliminate wear and tear. As industrial facilities continue to scale up and increase in complexity, wireless charging solutions that can keep pace with these developments and enhance workflow will be imperative."

For more information contact:

Delta Group

8270 Willow Place Drive N.

Suite 150

Houston, TX 77070


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