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Haimer Microset Tool Presetters

HAIMER GmbH Managing Director Andreas Haimer said, "The Microset tool presetting technology complements our existing product portfolio of highly precise tool clamping shrinking and balancing technology. Now we are complete system provider for tool management."

With the Microset tool presetting technology HAIMER complements its existing portfolio and becomes the complete system provider for tool management.

Haimer offers a full range of machines, from manual to semi-automatic and fully automated measuring. Pictured are the HAIMER Microset UNO premium, UNO autofocus und VIO linear.

"With the acquisition of Microset GmbH, the HAIMER Group has become a complete system provider for tool management around the machine tool. The Microset tool presetting devices meet the high quality standards of HAIMER and cover the needs of almost all machine operators," said a company spokesperson.

One highlight from the comprehensive product portfolio is the VIO linear series. It features a linear drive for efficient and precise presetting of drilling, milling and turning tools. The direct drive within the X- as well as Z-axis offers the user dynamic positioning precision and reliability of even the largest tooling. Repeatability is +/- 2 µm. The increased linear drive speed provides productivity increases of up to 25% during the machining process.

All machines of the HAIMER Microset VIO series have a modular design to cover a wide spectrum of needs. Tools that weigh up to 352 lbs. (160 kg) and have a diameter and measuring length of up to 39.37" (1,000 mm) can be measured. Depending on user needs, the devices can be upgraded to fully automated CNC measuring machines with integrated HAIMER shrinking technology. Spindle access and the central control panel offer ergonomic designs.

The innovative one-hand-operation makes it possible to manually or automatically measure the axes and offers a micron-precise fine positioning. Fast and exact measuring is possible with the Microvision VIO image editing software. The tool measurement is even easier with the help of the large high-resolution flat screen monitor.

The HAIMER Microset UNO series offers precise tool presetting as well as consistent performance. In addition to a touch display, RFID-Chip-System and post-processors for all conventional control systems, the equipment options include upgrades such as autofocus or automatic drive. The difference between the UNO autofocus and the manual version is the ability to automatically focus on the cutting edge with a CNC control system in the C-axis. For tools with many cutting edges, this option is a time saver. The automatic drive version independently positions the different planes in the Z-axis and automatically approaches the X-axis. The user does not need any special skills, because with the push of a button the machine independently measures complex tools with multiple cutting edges and levels. If required, both versions can also be operated manually like the standard model.

The UNO series machines are available in two different heights. The series starts with the UNO 20/40 with a maximum tool length of 15.75" (400 mm) on the Z-axis; the UNO 20/70 has a maximum tool length of 27.56" (700 mm). Both heights are available with any of the UNO series machines that feature either a 6" touchscreen or a 19" flat screen as standard. A 22" or 23" touch display and the comfort system cabinet are available as options. By using the snap gauge method even the standard models offer the possibility to measure tools with a diameter of up to 3.93" (100 mm). With use of spindle adaptors that configure to the base SK50 taper interface, it is possible to also use the most popular interfaces such as HSK, Capto, VDI, KM or BMT.

The FEM optimized and thermostable cast iron construction is the foundation of the Mircoset tool presetting machines. The rigid base unit with a three-point support system provides stable and safe positioning of the machine and provides an overall easy set-up for high flexibility in production. Additional features such as visual inspection camera mode and optional infinite fine adjustment further enhance the functionality of the machines.

"With its release-by-touch function (an intelligent sensor control to measure the X- and Z-axis), the UNO series is setting new standards for entry-level tool presetting machines by making them easy to use. Microvision UNO offers the operators intuitive functionality that produces precise measuring results. A precise focus window enhances the accuracy and provides accurate measurement values for complex tools," said the spokesperson. The UNO series is rounded off with options like a thermo-label printer, a vacuum clamping system, a second camera for presetting stationary turning tooling and a precise ISS spindle with direct clamping adapter (2 µm accuracy).

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