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Shark's Tooth Provides Inspiration for Steel Machining Tools

The Hoffmann Group has introduced a new turning grade for steel machining. The new GARANT HB 7010-1 was developed to achieve wear resistance at the highest cutting speeds. The Hoffmann Group has reconstructed the coating of the GARANT HB 7020 that was introduced in 2015 so that it now features a P10 gradient carbide that is optimized for continuous high-performance cutting.

While the new GARANT HB 7010-1 is ideal for continuous cutting, the GARANT HB 7020 is suitable for lightly interrupted cutting and difficult operating conditions.

"A shark's tooth was the inspiration for the Hoffmann Group when developing the GARANT HB70xx product family: a hard and extremely smooth exterior and a ductile interior - these are the features that set the indexable insert apart," said a company spokesperson. "The GARANT HB 7010-1 has an extremely hard, wear-resistant and thermo-resistant CVD coating made of aluminum oxide Al203 and titanium carbonitride Ti(C,N), which protects the carbide substrate, even at high cutting speeds and process temperatures. The carbide substrate is resistant to plastic deformation, splintering and brittle fracturing - providing a longer tool life.

"The coating is particularly resistant because of straightened crystal structures," continued the spokesperson. "Its smooth surface enables optimum chip evacuation via the insert surface and reduces the friction between the component and the tool material - this lowers the process temperatures." For more product information, see

In contrast to the casing, the core of the indexable insert is ductile. The carbide substrate is graded, which means that it has an increased proportion of titanium nitride (TiN) in the outer layer in order to adapt the thermal expansion coefficient to the coating. As a result, the coating adheres to the substrate and because of the similar thermal expansion coefficient, the coating cannot shear away, even at high process temperatures.

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