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R8 Toolholders for Knee Mills

Though developed back in 1936, the small knee mill is still ubiquitous because of its ease of use, small footprint, versatility, reliability, accuracy, and fast set-up.

Apprentices and new shops often began with this manual vertical milling machine before moving on to CNCs and fully equipped production shops. The true strength of a knee mill is the diversity of jobs it can tackle, especially if it is equipped with digital scales for accuracy.

"Toolmex's range of TMX R8 rotary toolholders are the perfect complement to this machine, regardless of the role it plays in one's plant," said a company spokesperson.

"Like the knee mill, TMX toolholders are known for their quality and reliability," added the spokesperson. "Toolmex has a 40+ year history of European craftsmanship and engineering. Toolmex's European factories are ISO 9001 certified and manufacture to international standards."

All TMX R8 holders are manufactured in Europe. They are made with alloy forged steel for a long service life and are hardened to RC 56-60 and ground to ensure accuracy.

Among the TMX R8 offering are R8 collets, end mill and shell mill holders, collet chucks, saw arbors and R8 indexable end mills. A great option for tooling up a knee mill is a TMX R8, ER collet chuck and ER collet kit.

"This kit allows for holding of multiple tool shank sizes without a large investment," said the spokesperson. "Collet clamping setup is fast and easy and is known for its especially low runout."

In addition to R8 holders, the TMX line of European made rotary tool holders includes CAT, BT, HSK, NMTB and Morse taper and straight shank styles. For use with its tool holders, Toolmex carries a wide range of TMX carbide and HSS cutting tools and accessories. The TMX cutting tool offering is stocked in the U.S. and contains inserts, end mills, drills, taps, reamers, cutters and saws.

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