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Heavy Duty Toolholders

REGO-FIX's heavy-duty secuRgrip toolholders - for the company's powRgrip toolholding system - feature a special tool-locking system that eliminates cutter pull out.

"The heavy-duty secuRgrip holders perform flawlessly and provide strong gripping, high precision and vibration control," said a company spokesperson. "REGO-FIX developed them specifically for aerospace and other harsh machining operations that pose formidable toolholding challenges - such as tough to machine materials, aggressive metal-removal rates and big cumbersome tooling assemblies often with long unstable tool overhangs."

The secuRgrip system provides a TIR of only 0.0001"and guarantees 100 percent security against cutter pullout, added the spokesperson.

"The patented secuRgrip locking system includes a small, profiled locking key insert that fits into a standard Weldon end mill flat," continued the spokesperson. "The cutting tool and insert then screw into the holder. The secuRgrip's anti-pullout system further enhances the extreme holding capability of not only powRgrip, but also REGO-FIX's ER collet and milling chuck systems by locking the collet and cutter to the toolholder body, allowing for increased feedrates and maximized efficiency. And with less tool deflection, the secuRgrip toolholders achieve superior part surface finishes."

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Engineering & Technical Manager

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