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CNC Rotary Surface Grinders with Hydrostatic Bearing Turntable

Chevalier's NEW FRG-S Series of Intelligent CNC Rotary Surface Grinders with a Hydrostatic Bearing Turntable.

Chevalier has added the new FRG-400/600S Series of rotary surface grinders to its grinder family.

The FRG-S Series of rotary surface grinders have an easy set-up, designed for heavy loads and fully enclosed for CNC rotary surface grinding. The series increases efficiency and productivity for such industries as aerospace, automotive, energy, medical and semiconductor in order to meet current and future market demands.

The spindle seat structure is supported by six Class 7 (P4) ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings that withstand heavy-duty grinding. The flexible coupling connecting the spindle to the motor offers a precise balance correction process, which effectively reduces vibration and ensures grinding quality.

The rotary table transmission features hydrostatic bearing system. The elevating transmission is driven by a C2-grade ballscrew and timing belt with an AC servo motor, which provide high torque, speed and accurate positioning. The crossfeed transmission also uses a C2-grade ballscrew, combined with a direct drive AC servo motor that improves the grinding accuracy and achieves mirror-finish quality. Linear guideways on both axes improve the grinding accuracy with a minimum increment of 0.00004" (0.001 mm).

Ample interior grinding space and a double-door design contribute to ease of access for workpiece loading and unloading. The drainage system easily removes swarf for cleaning. The machine is fully enclosed with a sealed, waterproof metal guard.

The FRG-S Series is designed to be user friendly. Chevalier's exclusive next generation SMART iControl incorporates production efficiency, which simplifies operation procedures and greatly enhances the performance of Chevalier CNC grinders.

Chevalier's SMART iControl incorporates production efficiency, which simplifies operation procedures and enhances the performance of Chevalier CNC grinders. Combined with TaskLink, it allows operators to create their own programs for generating complex grinding tasks in a single cycle-without an engineering degree. The powerful computing ability enhances the HMI for better grinding accuracy. Data analysis from network connectivity allows managers to improve the production process and increase output.

Control features and benefits:

  • Intelligent auto wheel dressing: This function detects when the wheel needs to reach optimal cutting efficiency to avoid poor grinding quality, regardless of operator experience
  • Variable speed spindle: The built-in driver controls spindle speed. Combined with the automatic dressing function, the driver provides constant surface speed regardless of the grinding wheel's changing diameter.
  • In-machine dynamic balancing: Operator can manually adjust the grinding wheel balance to reduce wheel vibration and eliminate chatter marks to improve grinding quality.
  • Automatic wheel dressing with compensation: The automatic wheel dressing with compensation feature dresses the wheel automatically during rough and/or fine grinding and again at the end of rough grinding. This enables the machine to run unattended for hours, making it suited for high-volume production runs while reducing machining costs and increasing line productivity.

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