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New IDC Digimatic Indicators

Mitutoyo America Corporation offers new versions of the IDC, IDF and IDS series of Digimatic Indicators and products built around these indicators, such as depth and thickness gauges.

The IDC and IDF series Digimatic Indicators have new designs and functions. Improvements include higher resolutions down to 0.5 µm, a built-in calibration date warning, larger LCD and analog bar and new S1 output (bidirectional communication, which allows settings to be changed through the new USB ITPak 3.0 software, free and paid versions).

All models with .5"/12.7 mm range will now have a metric (M2.5x0.45) stop screw (screw under dust cap). The contact points will remain the same: AGD models = 4-48 UNF contact point, ISO/JIS models = M2.5x0.45 contact point. The tapered, tapped hole for lifting cables has been removed.

The LCD displays an icon to notify the user when the set calibration time approaches. This facilitates the proper precision management of ID-C/ID-F.

The calibration period notification icon starts blinking at a set time before calibration is due (e.g., 1 week before the calibration due date). If the deadline is exceeded, the entire screen starts blinking to notify the user.

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