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Robotic Cell Automated TIG Welding Solution

Simple to use and easy to program, the CINCINNATI Cobotic 100T Welding Cell is the first of its kind for TIG welding, the company reported.

With a working range of 2,400 mm x 1,200 mm (4' x 8'), the automated system is suitable for large or small production batches. The cell is compact, easily repositioned and contains advanced safety devices including the continuous robot elbow monitoring.

Cincinnati's Ryan Lemmel, Business Unit Leader, Aftersales, explained that the system offers advanced automation and features that make the system powerful yet easy to operate while measurably impacting the bottom line: "With a touchscreen control interface and intuitive programming buttons, processes are quick and simple," said Lemmel. "We have eliminated complicated off-line programming, allowing the robot to be programmed using a tablet and buttons on the torch. The 100T autonomously detects sheet metal deformation without operator intervention. Automating the welding process maximizes limited resources and advances productivity by allowing shop floor personnel to be allocated away from welding operations."

Additional features include:

  • A dual work zone allows operators to weld in one zone while safely unloading parts in the other
  • Use of UR5e cobot with 6 axes and 6 rotating Degrees of Freedom (DoF) joints with +0.03 mm (0.001") precision
  • Additional 7th axis 1,800 mm (5.9'), designed to add flexibility and maximize the reach of the cobot arm.

For more information contact:

Cincinnati Incorporated

7420 Kilby Road

Harrison, OH 45030-8915


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