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Geartronics Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

One of the Citizen CNC Swiss screw machines that Geartronics recently added.

Tom Conlon, an employee of Geartronics for 51 years, at work in the manual lathe department.

Geartronics is the exclusive manufacturer of X-4 Tools. Model LW-750 torque multipliers are pictured.

Geartronics has multiple Mori-Seiki CNC mill/turn lathes equipped with bar feeders.

Several of the many Barber-Colman automatic gear hobbers in the company's gear cutting department.

Geartronics, Inc. recently marked 100 years of continuous operations. The company produces custom-machined gears and precision machined components and is the exclusive manufacturer of X-4 tool products, which comprises a line of torque multipliers and torque-limiting devices.

Geartronics began operations as the Massachusetts Gear and Tool Company when its founders, E. R. Lyman and Joseph Cavicchi, purchased the assets of the defunct Woburn Gear Works in April of 1922. The run-down building and machinery of that company were then located on Nahua Street in Woburn, MA. In the first year of operation, the founders increased the size of the business from 1,250 sq. ft. to 2,250 sq. ft. After 25 years of hard work and dedication, they had grown the company to occupy 21,000 sq. ft. and employ 250 people.

Geartronics Corporation was established in 1956 after the owners of the Massachusetts Gear and Tool Company purchased another local gear manufacturer, the Technical Products Company of Concord, MA. Construction began of a brand new 27,000 sq.-ft. facility to house the combined companies in the fall of 1961. The building is located on Route 129 in North Billerica, MA, at the junction of Routes 3 and 495 and was constructed at a time when there were very few businesses in the now heavily-developed commercial area. The facility was expanded to twice its original size in 1965 after the acquisition of Nashoba Engineering Division, a manufacturer of sheet metal products, for the purpose of consolidating all company operations in one location. In 1969, after Geartronics acquired United States Machinery, a supplier of products for the wire, cable and electronics industries, the size of the facility was further increased to 62,000 sq. ft. Shortly thereafter, Geartronics and the X-4 Tool Company of West Acton, MA, who had been outsourcing a major portion of its manufacturing to Geartronics, merged and X-4 Tool re-located its operations to North Billerica.

Geartronics, Inc. still operates in the same location, however, after divesting outdated and unprofitable assets under new ownership, the company has streamlined its operations to provide its customers with the highest quality precision-machined parts and custom gears on time and at a reasonable cost. Geartronics serves customers in the aerospace, defense, industrial equipment and commercial tool industries, to name a few, and X-4 Tool products are sold to some of the world's largest and most well-known tool distributors.

Geartronics offers a full-range of machining and manufacturing services, including CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC gear cutting, grinding, broaching and assembly. Within the last year the company has purchased several CNC Swiss-style screw machines, adding to its already extensive capabilities.

For more information contact:

Geartronics, Inc.

100 Chelmsford Road

North Billerica, MA 01862


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