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Variety of Workholding Solutions

Suburban Tool, Inc. offers a variety of workholding solutions, including chucks, tooling columns and more.

Cast Iron Tooling Columns up to 1,000 mm

Suburban Tool has been offering tombstones and tooling plates up to 630 mm for many years, and now has the ability to offer larger products. Made in America, standard square, T type, rectangle, window, octagon and hexagon styles are available as well as custom sizes and configurations.

Magnetic Chucks

Suburban Tool offers a wide range of surface grinder chucks, sine plate chucks, squaring chucks, toolmakers chucks, magnetic V-blocks and round magnetic chucks. Chucks are available with permanent magnets, electromagnets, double magnets, standard pole and fine pole.

Precision Vises

Hardened steel, precision ground toolmakers vises from 2" wide to 6" wide, 6" to 12" long. Precision vises are designed to bolt easily onto an N/C mill or other machine. Sine vises made from steel, hardened to Rc 58-60, provide a quick and accurate means of holding a workpiece at an angle for grinding or inspection.


From 3/4" capacity, heat treated and precision ground to 11-3/4" capacity precision ground cast iron, Suburban Tool offers a variety of V-blocks.

Angle Blocks Irons and Plates

"Whether you are a toolmaker working on the most intricate part, a technician in a QC lab or running production, you can count Suburban Tool's expansive selection of angle blocks, irons and plates," said the spokesperson. Solutions include precision ground steel angle plates, cast iron angle plates, slotted angle plates, webbed, no web, T-slotted, magnetic, giant, custom and more.

Sine Plates, Magnetic Sine Plates

Suburban brand solutions include regular sine plates, compound sine plates, permanent magnetic sine and compound sine plates. Electromagnetic sine and compound sine plates up to 12" x 24" complete the line. The Suburban Tool brand also offers the patented SineSet system of bolt together products. Start with a sine plate, add a magnetic chuck, 90° conversion plate, V-block or other products-these solutions offer the flexibility to be used together or as individual tools.

The EX-CELL-O/ROBBINS line features Master-Sine heavy duty sine plates up to 34" x 34" and the Taft Peirce sine plates offer precision and quality.

Spin and Index Fixtures

Another important part of workholding is for machining and/or inspection of punches, pins, EDM tools and more. The Master-Grind Spin & Index Fixture offers V-block and 5C holding capability. A 72-position index plate provides a hard stop every 5°. It also includes a built in 2-1/2" sine bar for setting angles between hard index locations. The spindle is produced with a maximum 0.00005" runout. Accessories include a motor drive, base plate and tailstock. The Master-Grind is also part of the SineSet System. Additional Spin Index Fixtures include Spin-Master, Punch-Master, Collet-Master and Mini-Master.

Vacuum Chucks

For light machining or grinding of nonmagnetic workpieces, Suburban Tool produces Vacuum Sine Plate Chucks in three different sizes. All are SineSet compatible and can be used as a stand-alone chuck or with an available sine plates.

Bench Centers

For holding parts between centers to check concentricity and runout, the Taft-Peirce line of bench centers and accessories offers an extensive work capacity. The smallest 9203 Instrument Bench Center offers a 3" diameter x 8" length work capacity and can be used in the horizontal or vertical position. The 9204 Intermediate Bench Center has a work capacity of 5" diameter x 12" length and can also be used in the horizontal or vertical position. The largest Bench Centers, 9205, are available in a wide range of capacities and configurations. Diameter 8" to 32", length 18" to 68". Each is supplied with a 3/4" x 60° male center with a modified #2 Morse taper. Head and tailstocks are machined in pairs with center axes held alike in height within 0.0005".

Sine Block Taper Testing Fixture

In addition to the line of Bench Centers, a Sine Block Taper Testing Fixture is available that combines a 20" sine block with a pair of identical center heads that can be positioned anywhere along a T-slot that runs the length of the block. When mounted on the sine block, the centers are parallel to the sine rolls within 0.0002", and parallel to the sides of the sine block within 0.0005".

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