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Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill

Nidec Machine Tool Corporation offers the MAF150C and MAF180C s.

The spindle is designed for high rigidity. The spindle drive motor and compact drive gear box are located on the ram, so the distance from the spindle drive motor to the machining point is shortened.

All main components are constructed of cast iron, and hydrostatic guideways are adopted for XYZ axes.

The patented "New Perfect Balancing System," which replaces a counter balancing system placed on the top of the column, offers higher precision and machining quality by simultaneously adjusting spindle run-out and positioning accuracy on the Y and Z axes stroke.

Three independent cooling systems suppress heat on each part of the machine, minimizing thermal displacement.

The 420 mm/16.5" compact ram reduces interference and reaches areas that cannot normally be reached without long tools or special attachments.

All main components of the multipurpose rotary table are made of cast iron with a highly rigid rib structure. Hydrostatic guideways are adopted for rotary axis (B-axis) and linear axis (V-axis), enabling stable machining accuracy by automatic control.

Axis travels:

  • Ram, in/out Z-axis: 1,250 mm/49.2"
  • Boring spindle, in/out W-axis: 1,000 mm/39.3"
  • Z-axis + W-axis: 2,250 mm/88.6"
  • Saddle, vertical Y-axis: 3,000 mm/118.1"
  • Column, longitudinal X-axis: 5,000 mm/196.9".

Standard equipment includes FANUC 31i NC, MP scale feedback for XYZ axis, electric diagram display and diagnosis, bed slideway cover and boring spindle nose taper air blow system, among others.

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