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Advanced Joining Technology

Mazak MegaStir will display some of its latest friction stir welding (FSW) developments at FABTECH 2023 in the Mazak Optonics booth A3502. Among those developments are the company's dynamic and intelligent FSW toolholders and its recently released line of diamond FSW tool tips. Dynamic holders support older legacy machines, while intelligent holders provide connectivity for process feedback, and the diamond tipped tools enhance FSW performance and extend tool life.

All are for use in HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine operations that combine subtractive processes with that of FSW assembly/joining. This hybrid platform provides the ability to join assembly components on the same machine with the same operator and consolidates factory floor footprints while decreasing capital expenditures.

For the Mazak MegaStir process, an intelligent FSW toolholder is pulled-via a normal tool change cycle-from the tool magazine of a Mazak vertical or horizontal machining center to perform FSW operations. The toolholder collects temperature, Z-axis load data and other information to enable operators to manage the FSW process. FSW software available through Mazak's MAZATROL Smooth CNC allows real-time monitoring of FSW's three main processes: plunging, traversing and extracting.

For older machines, Mazak MegaStir developed its dynamic FSW toolholder. While the holder is manual and does not connect to the machine CNC, it does allow shops to reap all the benefits of adding FSW capability to conventional subtractive machine tools.

Designed specifically for joining aluminum alloys, Mazak MegaStir-patented ultra-hard diamond tipped FSW pin tools offer higher performance, longer tool life and superior weld quality. With the strength of polycrystalline diamond, the tools provide effective thermal conductivity for improved weld surface finishes and allow for higher spindle speeds that boost FSW productivity rates.

Key benefits include up to 150x more tool life, lower operating costs and shorter ROI, the company reported. The tips are available in standard and customized versions and are thermocouple ready.

For more information contact:

Mazak Corporation

P.O. Box 970

Florence, KY 41022-0970


FABTECH Mazak Optonics Booth A3502

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