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Flowmeter Regulator

ESAB's Victor HRF2400 Pro provides the largest flow range of 70CFH and the most visible scale readings and accurate settings, the company reported.

Victor, an ESAB brand, has introduced the HRF2400 Pro flowmeter regulator calibrated for CO2, argon or mixed gas blends used for TIG, MIG and gas-shielded flux cored welding.

"The HRF2400 Pro offers the highest flow range available, 70 cubic feet per hour (CFH)," said a company spokesperson. "The new design makes it easier and faster to set accurate flow rate. Large, bold, markings on the flow tube, as well as a rotatable scale, make it easier to read the flow rate from a distance. The HRF2400 offers up to 6x longer application runtime when using CO2 (which is prone to freezing) and more consistent flow delivery over the life of the cylinder."

"Improved accuracy reduces gas waste and speeds set up time," said Vinicius Nunes, Gas Equipment Product Marketing Director, ESAB. "We improved all the visible areas of setting and measurements, as well as the technology behind setting flow rates with the new Victor HRF2400 Pro. Boosting the flow range to 70CFH accommodates all applications, such as open-area, high-production manufacturing environments."

ESAB's Precision Hi-Res Linear Flow Adjustment technology provides a smooth and consistent gas flow setting. "Other systems adjust well at lower flows, but then become overly sensitive at higher flows, causing flow rates to jump and spike when the operator turns the knob," said the spokesperson. "In comparison, the precision needle valve in HRF2400 adjusts smoothly throughout its entire range, eliminating frustration and inaccurate flow readings that can lead to quality issues."

The HRF2400 Pro is built to withstand challenging environments, including heavy manufacturing and construction, shipbuilding and repair, aerospace, oil, gas and power generation. The system's machined brass body, die-cast housing cap and diaphragm style regulator with fabric-reinforced neoprene diaphragm provide a longer service life. Third party ETL listed to UL Standard 252, the HRF2400 Pro is back-pressure compensated and is built with extra safety precautions, including an external self-reseating safety relief valve and a safety over-pressure burst mechanism built-in to the flow tube.

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