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Elevating Worker Platforms Vertically Position Employees

Elevating Worker Platform Lifts from Presto ECOA are a good solution for assembly, repair or maintenance of large or tall workpieces, such as transportation equipment (trucks, buses, aircraft, etc.); electrical sub-assemblies; prefabricated buildings or any other large, awkward shaped items that must be accessed at elevated or varying heights. Not only do they position workers at a comfortable, convenient height, but they also provide a stable platform with room for multiple workers, tools, workstations, test equipment, computers, etc. "They are safer, more comfortable, and versatile than ladders or scaffolding," said a company spokesperson. Because platform height can be quickly and easily adjusted at the touch of a button, Presto ECOA Elevating Worker Platforms are commonly used for stock picking at high shelves, racks and horizontal storage carousels.

Fully customizable to the application, they can be configured with a variety of options including custom platform shapes/cutouts; slide out decks and bridges; anti-skid or anti-static deck coatings; redundant controls; soft start/stop; indexed lifting and lowering; powered traverse; bellows skirting that keeps dust, debris, and moisture out of the lift mechanism; and many more.

While typically used indoors, lifts can be easily modified for use outdoors or other special environmental conditions. Virtually any platform size, lifting heights or load capacity requirement can be accommodated.

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